Monday, 29 March 2010

Argentina: Former Army Spy Resigns

Hector Cisneros has resigned as president of the Malvinas Families Commission three days after it was revealed by a Buenos Aires newspaper (“Critica”) that he had worked for Argentine military intelligence during the last dictatorship (1976/1983).
The name of Cisneros surfaced in a list of 4.300 agents, civilians and military that worked for the notorious Batallion 601, the Argentine Army’s intelligence branch, and which was declassified last year. According to the documents Cisneros worked from 1981 to 1983 as head of support and data processing, with the specific task of classifying reports collected by different agents.
Malvinas Family Commission founder resigns: he was Army spy (1981/1983) (Mercopress)

Batallon de Inteligencia
The full lists can be downloaded as PDFs here.
Los nombres del nefasto Batallon 601 (Clarin)
El fin del secreto en el Batallon 601 (Pagina/12)

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