Sunday, 13 March 2011

Peru: Montesinos and Guzman evacuated over tsunami fears

The devastating earthquake in Japan has repercussions across the globe, even affecting some of Peru's most notorious prisoners.

I noticed yesterday that the lawyer of Alberto Fujimori's former sidekick, Vladimiro Montesinos, had expressed concern about her client's situation in the face of a possible tsunami reaching Peru. But I dismissed this as attention-seeking; it didn't really seem worth blogging about.

However, it seems the authorities weren't taking any chances and they did indeed move prisoners from the naval base in Callao to the maximum security prison of Piedras Gordas, north of Lima. As well as Montesinos, they included former Shining Path leader Abimael Guzman, MRTA leader Victor Polay, and three other leading members of the two terrorist groups. The danger has now passed, and La Republica is reporting that the prisoners will be returned to Callao.

Peru Spared Tsunami Damage …. Montesinos & Guzman to Star in New “Swept Away”
(American in Lima)
Evacuan de Base Naval del Callao a Montesinos, Guzmán y Polay (RPP)
Vladimiro Montesinos y Abimael Guzmán fueron trasladados a Piedras Gordas (El Comercio)
Montesinos y Abimael volverán a la Base Naval, tras suspensión de Alerta de Tsunami (La Republica)

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