Saturday, 10 August 2013

Argentina: Welcome, grandchild number 109

This week, the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo announced the restitution of identity to the 109th found grandchild.

Pablo Germán Athanasiu Laschan was abducted in 1976 aged five months old. His parents, Frida Laschan Mellado and Ángel Athanasiu, were both Chilean and moved to Argentina to escape the Pinochet dictatorship. Unfortunately, right-wing violence caught up with them and they were both disappeared, and possibly held in Automotores Orletti, the main clandestine detention centre dealing with Operation Condor victims.

Pablo was contacted by the Grandmothers several months ago and agreed to a DNA test. He did not attend the press conference, although two of his aunts were connected from Chile via video-link and various other found grandchildren were also present. 
Guillermo Pérez Roisinblit, another recovered grandson, said: “Pablo, we know how you are feeling. We have been looking for you and we will also be waiting for you.”

The names of the couple who brought up Pablo were not given, but they were said to have close ties to the regime and the man has been convicted of human rights abuses.

The grandchildren are now heading towards 40 and their grandparents are, obviously, very old. It's amazing that they are still being identified, but it's also true that,
“This is a battle against time,” added FpV lawmaker Remo Carlotto [Estela's son]. “The clock is ticking.”

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