Thursday, 1 August 2013

Peru: Routes of memory in Lima

Lima council, family members of victims of Peru's internal conflict and the forensic anthropology team EPAF have organised a series of tours taking in memory-related sites across the Peruvian capital. The initiative marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of the truth commission report. 

The points along the way include the Ojo que llora monument in Jesús María, the former Japanese embassy, the Lugar de la memoria in Miraflores, the site of the Tarata bombing, the university campuses and more. 

The tours are free but you have to register in advance; wish I could be there!


Roxanne Krystalli said...

Wow, fascinating. I'd love to go! Also, if you are interested in Peru, I imagine you've read Kimberly Theidon's "Entre Projimos"? She is one of my favorite thinkers on memory and transitional justice in Latin America.

Lillie Langtry said...

Yes, I have! Thanks for pointing out that article on Twitter from Guernica Mag, by the way. I am always multitasking so my attention span is shameful but that one, I actually sat down and read all the way through - a rare recommendation!