Saturday, 31 August 2013

Peru: 10th anniversary round-up

Image taken from Arte por la memoria's post on an exhibition marking the tenth anniversary of the report in Plaza San Martin, Lima. 

Here's some more on the situation in Peru, ten years after the final report of the truth and reconciliation commission.

On progress made in justice issues: The Peruvian ombudsman (defensoría del pueblo) has called for greater efforts to identfy the thousands of disappeared from the conflict. Eduardo Vega wants a special unit to be set up for this "humanitarian task". The number of disappeared is usually given as between 10,000 and 15,000.

Ombudsman Calls for Agency to Indentify Disappeared during Terrorism Years (Peruvian Times)
Piden crear entidad que busque a desaparecidos durante lucha contra terrorismo (Andina)

The former leader of the truth commission, Salomon Lerner, also acknowledges that the progress made in achieving the report's recommendations has been "insufficient". 
CVR: a diez años del informe, la deuda del Estado y la sociedad sigue (La Republica)
Peru Truth Commission: Recommendations for Reconciliation Not Being Implemented (Peruvian Times)

Eleanor Griffis reflects on the CVR and responses to it for the Peruvian Times:

The Truth and Reconciliation Report: Ten Years On (Peruvian Times)

At least some signs of progress are being made: over 200 bodies have been discovered at an area known as "Oreja del Perro" in Ayacucho, and exhumations start next week.

Hallan restos de más de 200 víctimas de la violencia en zona de 'Oreja de Perro' (La Republica)

On Sendero Luminoso: For the AP, Frank Bajak analyzes the continuing presence of the Shining Path despite the State's recent killing of several high-ranking members, while the Christian Science Monitor looks at the rise of Movadef, the political movement inspired by SL ideology. 

Analysts: Shining Path bruised, far from defeated (AP)
Is Peru's history of terrorism coming back to haunt it? (Christian Science Monitor)

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