Saturday, 14 February 2009

Argentina News

Just a few days ago I write that Massera has been declared fit to stand trial, and now he's apparently been admitted to hospital - to the cardiac unit.
Former Argentine junta leader hospitalized (AP)

"Argentina has broken with its violent and bloody past," is the reaction of one former desaparecido to the opening of a UN human rights center in the grounds of the ESMA:
Symbol of Argentina 'dirty war' now rights center (AP)

And, to end on a happy note, I'm very pleased to report that the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo have announced the finding (or 'recuperation of identity') of another grandchild. She is the daughter of Beatriz Recchia and Domingo Garcia, both disappeared by state forces in 1977. Although both her parents were killed, she has now found a sister she didn't know she had. It's truly stunning that, more than thirty years on, the activist Grandmothers - most of them in their eighties - continue to uncover a disappeared child - now in his or her early thirties - every few months.
Abuelas confirmo la recuperacion de otra hija de desaparecidos (Pagina/12)
Edited to add - this is found grandchild no.97.
Un espacio mundial para cultivar la vida (Pagina/12)

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