Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Argentina/Italy: Berlusconi Mocks Disappeared

I'm never sure whether to give people like this any more publicity, but here goes: Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has made light of the 'death flights', in which disappeared Argentines were thrown - still alive - from planes into the Rio de la Plate estuary to drown, during the dictatorship. Tasteful.
Talking specifically about the Dirty War and the body dumping he said, "The days were beautiful (back then), it made them descend from the skies", an ironic use of "them" to refer to angels, it seems, all delivered with that smarmy grin of his.

Otto's report here.*

See the report in Spanish here.

* Not really worksafe due to nudity... don't ask me, ask Otto!

Updated to add: really interested in finding out what the death flights were all about and how it was that army officers came to be chucking their fellow citizens into the sea? You need to read Horacio Verbitsky's Confessions of a Dirty Warrior, now republished by The New Press.

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