Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Peru: Rio Blanco Responds on Majaz Case

Thanks very much to Matt for passing along an update in the Majaz torture case which I might otherwise have missed.

The mining company, now called Rio Blanco Copper S.A., has published press releases in Spanish in the La Republica newspaper (which you can see here, not fantastic quality but readable) and translated into English and available as a PDF here.

In it, the company first distances itself from its predecessor, which "represents the interests of a financial group completely different from those represented by Minera Majaz S.A.". They then claim to be "grateful for the vigilance of the media, other civil institutions and the relevant authorities concerning the correct development of our company’s activities" - hm, I bet they are. Anyway, here is the important bit, in a slightly odd translation (not mine!):
We have the firm conviction that any type of aggression against the Human Being is extremely serious and deserves an exhaustive investigation and sanction by the authorities, who must not leave these acts unpunished.

Not much meat in this press release then, but they have responded and maybe it's a claim that they can be held to.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, hope they abide to the investigations