Monday, 31 August 2009

Argentina: Major Trials Open in Santa Fe & Rosario

Three major cases of crimes against humanity are starting trial in Argentina this week.

In Rosario, the cases refer to the detention centres "Quinta de Funes" and "Fábrica de armas"*. For the purposes of the trial, 22 victims are identified from the former and seven from the latter. Proceedings started today. Three army officials and two civil intelligence officers are in the dock, among them retired colonel Pascual Guerriri - already serving a stretch of house imprisonment for other crimes - and Eduardo Constanzo, who in recent years has given information about dictatorship-era activities.

Tomorrow, the trial opens in Santa Fe in the "Brusa" case - so called because of the involvement of former Santa Fe governor Victor Brusa.

Sentences are due by the end of the year.

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*Also known as "Fábrica militar de armas" and "Fábrica militar de armas portátiles Domingo Matheu".

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