Saturday, 22 August 2009

Peru: Putis Witness Testimony

Spanish-language media and blogs have been turning their attention to Putis again in the past week as the devastated community prepares to bury its dead, finally. Now, English speaking readers have access to a heartbreakingly moving account of the horror of the massacre and its aftermath.

Aside from Bertha Fernandez's story, I was also struck by her mention of being reunited with her cousin through the National Victims' Registry - a perfect example of why this is an important service which deserves consistent, adequate funding.
It was 25 years ago but we can never forget what happened there. Sometimes I try to forget it but I can’t. I relive it in my dreams. We can never really live a normal life because the memory is always with us.

Almost all my family were killed. Only we three sisters survived – my younger siblings together with my parents all died. My uncles and aunts and their families were all killed, all of our family. Only we survived and here we still are, just three....
'Almost all my family were killed' (Guardian Weekly)

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