Saturday, 29 August 2009

Peru News

Commemoration of 6 Years since the CVR Final Report

CVR en Ayacucho (PeruFotoLibre)

I don't know why I give him the attention, but Defense Minister Flores-Araoz is at it again, using the opportunity to lament the lack of progress made towards the CVR recommendations. And can you get what he claims is the cause of the problem? Yes, it's people being unfair to the poor armed forces again. If they would only recognise that these Peruvian heroes were saving the country from terrorism and deserve public adulation, reconciliation would follow immediately. Hm.
Flores-Araoz senala que informe de la CVR no la logrado la reconciliacion (El Comercio)


Huanta recibe 92 feretros de la matanza de Putis (El Comercio)

Commemorating the Disappeared

Recalaman restos de mas de 15 mil desaparecidos (La Republica)

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