Friday, 21 August 2009

News Round-Up 21/08/2009

Argentina will be perturbed by Iranian President Ahmadinejad's proposal of Ahmad Vahidi as his new Minister of Defense; there is a warrant out from Interpol for his arrest. He's wanted for involvement in the 1994 AMIA bombing.
Uno de los acusados por el atentado a la AMIA podria ser ministro de Defensa en Iran (Pagina/12)

Meanwhile, some Argentines are irritated by their own President. Christina Kirchner was triumphant about a deal resolving a funding crisis that had delayed the start of the football season - a calamity in the football-mad nation. Unfortunately, she chose to draw parallels between the missing goals and the disappeared from the last dictatorship. Human rights leaders are dismayed, with Adriana Calvo, president of the Association of the Ex-Detained Disappeared, recalling that the World Cup took place in Argentina in 1978, at the height of the violence.
Todos contra CFK por comparar el secuestro de goles con desaparecidos (Critica Digital)

A new film deals with a priest's struggle for justice in a war-torn area of Colombia (warning: article contains spoilers)
A Priest's Passion for Justice (IPS)

86.3% of residents of Lima believe that Shining Path poses "a threat" to the country, with almost half of those questioned believing that the armed group is still "very dangerous", and another third "dangerous".
Para el 86.3% de limeños, Sendero Luminoso en una amenaza para el pais (Peru21)

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