Friday, 2 October 2009

Argentina: Menem Charged in AMIA Cover-up

Former Argentine President Carlos Menem has been charged with covering up and destroying evidence related to the so-called 'Syrian connection' in the 1994 AMIA bombing. Specifically, he is said to have ordered the destruction of 54 cassettes containing evidence regarding the terrorist attack.

Also charged are his brother, Munir Menem, who was presidential chief of staff at the time, former federal judge Juan José Galeano, two intelligence chiefs and two police officers. Yes, one of the latter is Jorge "Fino" Palacios, who recently almost became head of the Buenos Aires police, until forced to withdraw due to this very controversy.

Procesan a Menem y otros ex funcionarios por irregularidades en la causa AMIA (Clarin)
Menem charged over bomb inquiry (BBC)
Former Argentine president Menem indicted for alleged "terrorist cover-up" (Mercopress)

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