Monday, 12 October 2009

Peru: Obstacles to Museum of Memory

Mario Vargas Llosa, currently heading the Museum of Memory commission, has spoken out against an atmosphere of "hostility" from certain sectors. He believes that factions linked to the massacres are trying to prevent the museum coming into existence.

Second-in-command on the museum commission, Salomon Lerner, has recently received death threats. Aside from that, some people in high places have apparently wanted to interfere in the museum project.

Now, despite its initial reluctance to accept the funding for the museum, the government says it is giving its full support to Vargas Llosa and his team. Let's hope so.

Gobierno confirma apoyo a Vargas Llosa para construccion de Museo de la Memoria
(La Republica)
Vargas Llosa advierte obstaculos en creacion de Museo de la Memoria (RPP Noticias)

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