Thursday, 22 October 2009

Uruguay: Dictator Sentenced to 25 Years

Former commander-in-chief of the Uruguayan army and the last president of its military dictatorship, Gregorio "Goyo" Alvarez, was today sentenced to 25 years in jail. The 83-year old was found guilty of 37 cases of "particularly aggravated" homicide (homicidios "muy especialmente agravados").

Most of the approximately 200 Uruguayan disappeared people were abducted across the other side of the Rio de la Plate in Argentina and later transferred to their homeland as part of the collaboration between military intelligence services known as Operation Condor.

Condenan a 25 años de prision al represor "Goyo" Alvarez (Pagina/12)
Gregorio Alvarez sentenciado a 25 años de prision (El Pais, Uruguay)
Former Uruguay dictator gets 25 years: lawyer (AFP)

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