Saturday, 31 October 2009

Chile: National Day to Commemorate Political Victims

As she enters the final months of her presidency, Michelle Bachelet has announced the creation of a National Day of Victims of Political Execution, to be held on 30 October, and in addition to the National Day of the Disappeared on 30 August.
The honor, she added, was aimed at "preserving the memory of what happened to our society, so that new generations learn the lessons from history and make a moral commitment to prevent the same mistakes, the same horrors."
Chile is not the only Latin American country to have a day - well, now two - dedicated to the memory of political violence. El Salvador appears to have one too, on 29 March, and Argentina holds a National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice on the anniversary of the coup, 24 March.

Bachelet establece Dia del Ejecutado Politico (Prensa Latina)
Chile declares day to honor victims of dictatorship (AFP)

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