Thursday, 24 February 2011

Iconic Image: Daniel Céspedes

This image, taken by David Burnett for the New York Times the day after the overthrow of Allende, became one of the icons of the Pinochet regime. Its subject became, in the words of Chilean paper La Nacion, "the best-known unknown person of the dictatorship".

His name is Daniel Céspedes, and he survived the military dictatorship and, in 2006, became the focus of a documentary by María José Martínez (see trailer below).

She said,
"The photograph turns into more of an icon than the imprint of one moment... I've read the Valech report, and it's extremely powerful, but seeing it all like that, you just see figures, you don't understand that it comes down to your neighbour, your dad."
Documental rescata historia oculta de “El hombre de la foto” (La Nacion)

Thanks to Peru Foto for posting the image and inspiring this post.

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