Sunday, 20 February 2011

Peru: Lugar de la memoria update

I'm pleased to see that plans are moving ahead for the Lugar de la memoria (Place of Memory) in Lima, Peru.

- The bidding process for the construction of the museum is getting underway. The tender was announced last week and is due to run until 18 March.

- Vargas Llosa has said that the museum will be "a space of reconciliation".

- The museum commission, led by Fernando de Szyszlo, has said that the museum will be ready "by the end of the year". De Szyszlo has also said that Keiko Fujimori is the only one of the presidential candidates whom he considers likely to oppose the project.

- The Lugar now also has its own website, which is already looking good in Spanish (the other language flags are currently just there for decoration, but let's give them some time...).

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