Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Media Round-Up

Brazilian daily Folha de Sao Paulo took the occasion of its 90th anniversary to admit that it had supported the 1964 coup in the country. It also wrote that it changed tack in 1976 to become one of the main catalysts of the opening up of the political sphere. However, the paper sparked controversy in 2009 when it described the Brazilian military regime as a "dictablanda" - soft dictatorship, in comparison to the "hard" dictatorships of its Southern Cone neighbours.
Brazil's main daily admits having supported military coup in 1964 (Mercopress)

Peruvian journalists protest harassment from regional government (Journalism in the Americas)

Paramilitary group threatens five more Colombian journalists
(Journalism in the Americas)

Threats, bribes and other challenges of reporting Guatemala's elections (Journalism in the Americas)

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