Friday, 25 February 2011

News Round-Up

Latin America and beyond

I've linked repeatedly to the Journalism in the Americas blog over the past few days because, it seems to me, freedom of the press/pressure on and threats against journalists is one of the major threats to democracy in the region. Mexico and Honduras were named as particularly problematic countries in this regard (see also Nicaragua link below)
2010 press freedom report highlights setbacks and dangers for journalists (Journalism in the Americas)


Chile's draconian anti-abortion legislation is a legacy of the dictatorship
Chile: where abortion isn't an option (Guardian)


Colombia may be able to move on from its extended period of civil conflict, conference attendants hope
A Chance for Peace (IPS)


The headline speaks for itself
Nicaraguan journalist reports new death threats after investigating electoral finances (Journalism in the Americas)


Yep, filling your armed forces with violent criminals who didn't choose to be there sounds like an ideal way to create a modern, ethical army
Fujimori to evaluate military draft proposal for criminals, gang members (Peruvian Times)


No, Spain has not suddenly jumped continents, but it's interesting to draw parallels, and to my shame, I had never heard of the [attempted] coup of 23 February, 1981
February 23, 1981: "El 23-F" (Memory, Amnesia and Politics)

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