Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Argentina: Madres' former financial director arrested

Nearly a year after a scandal broke concerning financial irregularities at the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, the organisation's former financial manager has been arrested. Sergio Schoklender has been charged with embezzlement of funds intended for use in social housing. Sergio was arrested following a court hearing, while his brother Pablo also turned himself in to police later and a third man, Alejandro Gotkin, has also been detained.

The leader of the Mothers, Hebe de Bonafini, said she was "satisfied" with the developments. The BBC rightly points out that the scandal has not been good for the group.

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Herald notes that the judge in the case has defended himself against accusations that it has not been making fast enough progress.

Argentina ex-human rights official charged with embezzlement (BBC)
Los Schoklender, presos por el caso de las Madres (Clarin)
Detienen a los Schoklender por desviar $ 280 millones (La Nacion)
Oyarbide justifies time it took to arrest Schoklender brothers (Buenos Aires Herald)

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