Thursday 3 May 2012

Argentina round-up

- One of the founding members of the Abuelas de Playa de Mayo, Nélida Gómez de Navajas, has died. 

Nélida Gómez de Navajas 
Her daughter Cristina was abducted on 13 July, 1976. Only later did Nélida discover a letter revealing that Cristina had suspected she was pregnant; later, survivors confirmed that this had been the case and that she had had her baby. That child would now be 35 years old, but his or her whereabouts are still unknown. President of the Grandmothers, Estela de Carlotto, expressed her sorrow that Nélida was never able to meet her grandchild. 

“Su compromiso siempre fue total” (Pagina/12)
- Argentina continues to mark the key dates of the Falklands/Malvinas war 30 years ago, this time the sinking of the Belgrano:

Falklands tension: Argentina marks Belgrano anniversary (BBC)

Pagina/12 has a rather nice image of president Cristina Kirchner unveiling a large plaque about the islands on its cover page:

- Meanwhile, Hijos, the organisation of children of the disappeared, has come out in support of the conscripts abused by their superior officers during the conflict, arguing that those crimes also formed part of the repression of the dictatorship.
“No tenían defensa alguna” (Pagina/12)

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