Monday 28 May 2012

News Round-up

I've been offline for a few days. Here's the best of what I found in my reader when I got back and what I wish I had more time to write on:

Argentina identifies Dirty War victim from 1976 (BBC)

Appeal Case For Notorious Torturer Postponed and Double Agent Denied Compensation (Transitional Justice in Brazil)
Brazil Amnesty (Two Weeks Notice)

Victims of Forced Disappearance Eligible to Vote in Chile (IPS)

Amnesty Denounces Impunity for Human Rights Crimes (IPS)

Humala: Government Won’t Allow “Status Quo” In VRAE (Peruvian Times)
Peru Forced to Confront Deep Scars of Civil War (New York Times - there's a lot in this article: MOVADEF, Putis, the Lugar de la memoria...)
In Peru, wounds of civil war - Slide Show (New York Times)

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