Sunday, 6 September 2009

Argentina: Death Flight Planes on Display

Adolfo Scilingo's confessions, published in the book El vuelo/The Flight, really burned into public memory the fact that in Argentina, disappeared people were drugged, bundled into planes, and pushed out into the ocean to drown.

Yet I, and doubtless many others, had never really given a thought to the planes themselves. Now I learn from Pagina/12 that one of them (a Lockheed L-188 AF Electra for those of you for whom that means something) is on display in an airforce museum on the base Comandante Espora. As you might expect, I have nothing against preserving the plane as a teaching aid to show people what happened during the dictatorship... but I'm thinking that a museum run by the armed forces is probably not the ideal place for it.

Aviones de la muerte (Pagina/12)

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