Sunday, 6 September 2009

Peru Resources

Muchas gracias to Amazilia @ Peru Apartheid for drawing my attention to the Biblioteca Virtual del Genocidio en Ayacucho (Virtual Library of the Genocide in Ayacucho), a work in progress which already contains over 250 photographs and a catalogue of works related to political violence in the region.

Other memory-related sites coming out of Peru include Para que no se repita - Spanish-speaking researchers, check out their 'Libros' page, where you can download entire books on violence and memory completely gratis.

Finally, I want to flag up the Spanish-language blog Espacio de memoria (memory space) and note how exciting I find it that there are people out there using the Internet to construct commemorative spaces and fight for justice. Browsing the sites linked above has given me ideas for at least two forthcoming posts - watch this space.

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