Saturday, 12 September 2009

News Round-Up 12/09/2009

U.S. Certifies Human Rights Gains in Colombia, Releasing Aid (NY Times)

The US is to reward Colombia for its supposed strides in human rights. Which is nice, because at the same time, 178 NGOs from 23 countries are launching a Campaign for the Right to Defend Human Rights in Colombia. That's right; being an HR activist is such a dangerous role in this nation that people have to actually assert their right to say that the state shouldn't murder people without being threatened, intimidated, persecuted, and worse. More info here.

In the US, there are calls to make international adoption from Guatemala easier. This is just one reason why I'm immediately sceptical whether this is a good idea:
Guatemalan soldiers sold children in war (Reuters)

Families of soldiers killed by Sendero Luminoso in recent skirmishes will receive a one-off compensation payment from the government, according to Peruvian media:
Peru to pay S/55,000 soles to Families of Deceased Soldiers (Living in Peru)

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