Sunday, 13 September 2009

Peru: Past in the Present

*Warning: this post contains images of dead bodies. I've tried to alter my feed settings so that the whole post doesn't pop up in your Google reader and so on, and I hope this has worked, but please be aware if you don't wish to see these at this time*

Sometimes there is a news story which brings home how pervasive the past is in the present so strongly that it almost evokes a feeling of 'deja-vu'. One such story is that of a 19 year old youth found murdered today in Peru with a placard proclaiming "long live the armed struggle and long live the revolution". The news sources I have seen do not publish images of the victim, but two of them, from La Republica and CPN radio, instead use details from this classic image by Alejandro Balaguer:

So the media source themselves take an iconic image from the conflict, made in 1991, to illustrate this story.
Then compare these two images of Sendero victims the early 1980s:

People killed with 'warnings' for the population attached to them must bring up decades of traumatic memory in Peru.

All photographs from the CVR image bank [1], [2], [3].

Hayan muerte a joven con cartel que decia "viva la lucha armada" (La Republica)
Nueva victima de Sendero Luminoso (CPN)

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