Thursday, 10 September 2009

Argentina: Ex-San Juan Police Chief Arrested

From Critica Digital, translation mine:
The former chief of the Federal Police in San Juan during the last dicatorship, Horacio Julio Nieto, was arrested for his alleged participation in the abduction and disappearance of María Ana Erize, militant in the Peronist Youth (JP) and professional model. Although the arrest occurred at the beginning of September, news of it only came out on Thursday.

Nieto, 74, has been wanted for arrest for eight months now and was detained in Marcos Paz, in Greater Buenos Aires, in early September; then he was transferred to San Juan, where he served as chief of police in 1976.

Of all the cases of human rights violations in which he is implicated, he is charged with organising the abduction, disappearance and death of Erize. He is also accused of committing crimes of illegal deprivation of liberty, aggravated torture and aggravated homicide.

Former Army major and lawyer Jorge Olivera is already on remand for the abduction and disappearance of the young woman, who in those days used to appear on the cover of weekly magazines.

According to some witness in the suit, Olivera participated in the abduction of the woman and supposedly subjected her to sexual assaults.

Detuvierion al ex jefe de la Policia sanjuanina (Critica Digital)

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