Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Argentina: 2 More Grandchildren Found

The Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo have announced the discovery of two more grandchildren, who were illegally adopted after the murder of their parents during the dictatorship. The first - found grandchild no. 94 - is the daughter of Miryam Ovando and Raúl René De Sanctis, both disappeared in 1977, while Ovando was 6 months pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Laura Catalina. The Grandmothers have been searching for her since 1982.

Grandchild no. 95 is the son of Liliana Carmen Pereyra and Eduardo Alberto Cagnola, also abducted in 1977. Survivors have testified that the mother gave birth in the ESMA in early 1978 and spent around 10 days with her baby, whom she named Federico. Her mother Jorgenlina Peyreya has been active in the Grandmothers association in La Plata.

Las Abuelas anunciaron la recuperacion de los dos nuevos nietos (Pagina/12)

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