Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Peru: TRC report summary

I was reading an article in La Republica today (it's this one, if I get a minute in the next few days I'll translate it, don't hold your breath though), in which the author writes that despite having written a doctoral thesis which covers the Peruvian conflict, she hasn't read every word of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. Well, ditto, on both counts. The writer then further recalls a very good summary of the report which she had used.

This reminded me that there is also an excellent English-language summary of the TRC final available, for free, from the UK-based Peru Support Group. You probably need to print it because otherwise the page numbering is all mixed up, as it's designed to be folded into a small booklet; it's 26 A4 pages. So, if you don't want to wade through the hundred of pages in Spanish, or even the conclusions in English on the official website, this is a very useful and clearly-written alternative.

Here's the PDF: The Findings of Peru's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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