Saturday, 13 September 2008

Peru: News

In the Fujimori trial, Peruvian forensic anthropologists have discussed the murder of the Cantuta victims.

The EPAF worked on identifying the remains, as well as in investigating the causes of death of the La Cantuta victims. They reached the conclusion that at least three of the victims were incinerated at temperatures above 600°C (1112°F) after their murder. Furthermore, at least four of the victims received simultaneous bullet impacts from back to front from a short distance, meaning they were shot in the back.

Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team describes how La Cantuta victims were murdered (Fujimori on Trial)

Meanwhile, Montesinos (Fujimori's former right hand man) has a new book out and is demanding that the prison service (INPE) allows him to be interviewed from his cell. His lawyer says that,

“Even for his birthday. All those who visit him must have INPE’s permission.”

Aaahh, poor baby.

Montesinos is currently serving 20 years in prison on multiple convictions for everything from bribing media barons, judges and legislators to selling assault rifles to Colombian FARC guerrillas, and also faces a separate trial accusing him of directing the Colina group*.
I can't think why he isn't allowed unlimited visitors when he likes, can you? Anyway, in lieu of all these visits, Montesinos has been set up with an email address so he can communicate with the outside world, and apparently it's I am almost tempted to email him and see if I get a reply.

“He wrote the book by hand… with much enthousiasm [sic],” said Valdivia. “He is very intelligent and brilliant.”

Peru's former spy chief publishes third book and claims he is deprived press freedom (Peruvian Times)

Finally, a Peruvian radio station has raised concerns about media censorship in the country.

Freedom of expression threatened in Peru? Radio Uno claims government has "list" of bothersome stations it plans to shut down (Peruvian Times)

*The Colina group committed the Cantuta massacre

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