Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Peru: Quick Link

Here's the Peruvian Times on reaction to Cipriani's ranting about the TRC commissioners:

“This is surprising,” Bambarén said, noting the Cardinal had never defended human rights before and had now changed his discourse. “What was his role in Ayacucho and what is it now? Several bishops are very upset.”

Cardinal Cipriani, 64, who was openly against even forming the Commission, has consistently criticized human rights groups in his sermons and his weekly radio program. During the height of the terrorism years while he was Bishop of Ayacucho, he also is known to have said that the human rights coordinator was “a stupidity” and those who defended it were “useful fools.” A blackboard outside the Archbishopric in Ayacucho stated plainly “No human rights claims accepted.”

Yes, I've deliberately left in the embedded comment to Spanish-language El Comercio as well.
Bishop chastises Cardinal for comments on human rights

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