Saturday, 6 September 2008

News Round-Up

So tell me, was I the last person to find out about Google Reader? I've only been using for a few weeks, but it's such a convenient way of keeping track of all your favourite blogs. Since most of the sites I'm interested in are based in the Americas, and I'm in Europe, a lot of updating goes on while I'm already in bed, so I wake up to a load of interesting new posts. This morning my Reader gave me the following gems:

- A slideshow of Pisco a year on from the devastating earthquake, from Peru21

- the prospect of Ecuador enshrining the rights of the natural world in its new constitution, from Ecuador Rising

- concerning articles and links about human rights abuses in Colombia, from IPS and Plan Colombia and Beyond

- and, (via The Mex Files) Aymara hiphop from Abiding in Bolivia (who knew?)

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