Sunday, 28 September 2008

Memorials: Interview with Julián Bonder

Peruvian newspaper La Republica carries in interview with Argentine architect Julián Bonder, whose work includes a monument to the victims of the AMIA bombing.

- What is the meaning of a memorial?
- It's a space which invites people to think, to reflect on the past. The word memorial comes from the Latin "memento", something which warns us about past and future topics. The term monument is very interesting, which means remember and warn. Therefore, is it possible that thinking about monuments can warn us about past events, thinking about the future? The idea is not to generate objects where memory can be deposited, but spaces which activate memory.
Yes, indeed, this is one of the principles behind this blog. You can read more of the interview at the link below, although I would have preferred to read more about the concrete manifestations of the memorial culture in Latin America, as well as the theory.

Entrevista | Julián Bonder. Promotor (La Republica)

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