Saturday, 14 March 2009

Argentina: AMIA lawyer claims he was tortured

The story of Argentina's bloodiest bombing, of the AMIA Jewish community centre in 1994, is a long and complex one with no satisfying answers as yet. It has taken another twist recently with lawyer Claudio Lifschitz's testimony that he was abducted and tortured last week by men claimed to be associated with Argentina's intelligence services. The perpetrators apparently carved the letters 'AMIA' into Lifschitz's back and burned his arm with a blowtouch. Lifschitz formerly worked for judge Juan Jose Galeano - who is now off the AMIA investigation case and under investigation himself for allegedly covering up the involvement of high-up officials (possibly including ex-President Menem himself) in the terrorist attack.

Hard to know what to make of this really, but it's another sign that there are still forces within Argentina that can circumnavigate the judicial system and that do not hesitate to use terror as a means to do this.

Whistleblower in Argentina Bombing Allegedly Tortured
(Impunity Watch)

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Inquiry in 1994 Bombing (NY Times)

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