Thursday, 26 March 2009

Peru News Round-Up

A whole pile of Peru-related news:

Alan, proudly displaying his democratic credentials, boasted that he can prevent a candidate he doesn't want taking over the Presidency, which has created a little stir:
Peru's President Stokes Poll Row (BBC)

IPS is also reporting on the alleged human rights abusers enjoying house arrest instead of standard jails - even though they don't actually fulfill the requirements for this privilege:
The Comforts of Impunity (IPS)

Plus, exhumations continue in the news:
Peru Extends Digging at 'Dirty War' Massacre (AFP)

Then, Fujimori is experiencing a little surge in the media polls as his trial draws to an end (how many more times will I have to type the phrase "draws to an end" in this context??):

Jailed Former President Alberto Fujimori to Personally Deliver Closing Statement Next Week
(Peruvian Times)

"Fujimori Gave the Order" (IPS)

Fujimori's Daughter: History Written at Ballot Box (AP)

In Peru, Former Leader's Lengthy Human Rights Trial Nears End
(Washington Post)

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