Tuesday, 3 March 2009

News Round-Up

Lots going on:

Peru government harshly criticized for turning down $2 million donation for Museum (Peruvian Times)

Colombia: Equal Rights for Same-Sex Partners (IPS)

A cheer goes to Fujimori on Trial for carrying on the long slog of reporting every single session of the marathon case. The gem in this report:
Fujimori’s lawyer announced that he had forgotten his work material, including his glasses and notes.
Fujimori's defense says crimes committed by Montesinos, not Fujimori (Fujimori on Trial)

Farc rallies its battered troops (BBC)

And two from Mr. Trend at Alterdestiny:
Argentina's Military Officers Now Can Be Tried for Torturing Their Own Soldiers

Plus, an excellent start to what should be a really informative series:
How to Overthrow a Government (I): Brazil in 1964

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