Monday, 9 March 2009

Peru: Sendero Wants Guzman Dead

La Republica yesterday reported on the fractured - but still dangerous - remnants of Sendero Luminoso. It's well known that most of the surviving senderistas are no longer loyal to their former leader Abimael Guzman (AKA Presidente Gonzalo), but are involved in the drug trafficking business in the VRAE area. Now, apparently, they even want Guzman dead. The article speaks of splits in the remaining group of Shining Path, which I'm not going to discuss in detail, but it's safe to say that these groups tend to be prone to infighting. Shining Path itself originated from the leftist disputes which split the Peruvian Communist party in the late 1960s. And who they oppose, they tend to want dead.

Narcoterroristas del VRAE rompen con Sendero y piden la muerte de Abimael

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