Monday, 9 March 2009

Peru: Museum Update

As a follow-up to the museum debate: the Peruvian Ombudswoman's office and the German embassy have clarified the exact terms of the (non)deal, so just to spell it out:

The Germans offered 650,000 euros exclusively for the construction of the Museum of Memory and an information centre.
Plus, a million euros were intended for the maintenance of the museum for ten years, i.e. 100,000 per year, paid monthly, for maintenance, security, personnel and other costs.

See here.

La Republica also ran quite a long article at the weekend which is neatly summed up in its first paragraph:

In Argentina and Chile there are places to commemorate the victims of the dictatorships; in South Africa and the United States there are museums to remember those who suffered from apartheid and racism; and in Germany, Israel and other countries there are places which recall the Jewish Holocaust. By contrast, in Peru the government is opposed to the creation of a museum to remember the civil conflict which we experienced at the end of the last century. [Trans mine]

It then discusses some of these examples in more detail. It's not just the rich countries; even developing nations like Nicaragua are getting in on the memory act and building museums. And Peru?

Read the full article here.

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