Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Peru: "Lukewarm" Response on Majaz

The prosecutor will charge some police officers with torture in the case of Minera Majaz, it is being reported today.

The response of human rights organisations is subdued; obviously, the torture charges are to be welcomed, but there will be no charges against local military commanders or the security company or the mining company itself. In short, only the direct perpetrators of the crime are affected and not anyone higher up who may have given the orders. Moreover, the accusations of abduction and sexual assault have been dropped - despite the fact that the villagers were held for 3 days, and the women among them underwent medical examinations which revealed signs of abuse. This is all according to the press release of the NGOs CNDDHH and FEDEPAZ, who call the results of the investigations "tibia" (lukewarm).

Denuncian a policias por tortura en Majaz
(La Republica)

Caso Majaz: Preocupante Resolucion Fiscal

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