Friday, 15 May 2009

Brazil: Dictatorship Info on the Web

Brazil has launched a new website containing archival material on its dictatorship. I speak no Portuguese (and honestly, folks, it just took me about ten minutes of googling to even find it - why do none of the news reports contain a link or a mention of the Portuguese title of the site?!) but it looks well laid-out and quite detailed. There are photographs and other audiovisual material, a database, virtual exhibitions, and so on. Activists are pleased but not fully satisfied, which is fair enough since their aim in life is to push for full disclosure:
"The website... is a step forward" said Jair Krikchke from the Justice and Human Rights group. "What we are really interested in are the military archives. Brazilians want to know."
Memorias Reveladas

Brazil Puts Dictatorship Files on the Web
(AFP) [h/t The Latin Americanist]

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