Sunday, 10 May 2009

Peru: Sendero News

Caretas features striking images of trench warfare in the VRAE.

Las trincheras del VRAE

La Republica has an intervew with the wounded soldiers who survived the ambush of a couple of weeks ago. One of them claims that following the explosion, local women and children continued to attack the survivors and 'finish them off'.

“Vimos a mujeres que ordenaban a niños a rematar a los heridos”

From the English language media, AP has a longer article on the resurgance of Shining Path.

The government says the repackaged Shining Path differs little from the far larger leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in the neighboring Andean nation. It says they are simply militarized drug gangs.

Rojas and other refugees from Pampa Aurora aren't so sure. They say the Shining Path fighters appear to have a political agenda and sit peasants down every few weeks for lectures.

"They tell you the government has forgotten the poor. That our rights are stomped on by the rich, the police, the military," he said.

Cocaine trade revitalizes Peru rebels

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