Friday, 8 May 2009

Peru: MRTA is a Terrorist Organisation after all?

One of the first major stories this blog followed when it came into existence last year was the decision of the European Parliament not to include the practically-defunct MRTA on its list of current terrorist threats, and the backlash affecting Peruvian human rights organisation, APRODEH (to see the background, just click on 'APRODEH' in the tags list to the right).

Now, it seems that this decision may be reversed, and the MRTA will be classed as terrorists after all. The Peruvian Vice-President is crowing over the change of heart. But how will this reflect on APRODEH? The group have today issued a press release denying that their president, Francisco Soberon, had anything to do with the decision - apparently news agency EFE has been reporting differently but I can't find that particular article.

To be honest, this is all semantics - the EU's decision won't make the MRTA any more of a (non)threat. My only concern is the possibility of further slander and threats against APRODEH.

MRTA debe ser incluido en lista de grupos terroristas de EEUU
(La Republica)

MRTA sera incluido en la lista de terroristas
(El Comercio)

Presidente APRODEH desmiente haberse pronunciado sobre MRTA y Europarlamento (ADN)

Comunicado de APRODEH (CNDDHH)

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