Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cultural Sunday

Quick link: Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina, by Raquel Partnoy and Agricola de Cologne. Check it out [English].

From Pagina/12, an interview with Colombian author Laura Restrepo, who lived in Argentina during the dictatorship, about her new novel, Demasiados heroes. A major theme of the book is apparently the generation gap in Argentina between those who have personal memory of the 'dirty war', and those who may not want to learn about it.
"La dictadura fue tambien una condena al silencio"

And in Colombia, artist Beatriz Gonzalez has been drawing attention (quite literally) to the graves of the unknown (sometimes known as 'NN').
La artista Beatriz Gonzalez interviene los columbarios del Cementerio Central (Cambio)

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