Thursday, 7 May 2009

Colombia: Is the Net Closing on 'False Positive' Perpetrators?

In the Guardian this morning, a letter from 5 British MPs supporting the decision to withdraw military aid from Colombia, but concerned that the government
continues to supply secret and unconditional counter-narcotics assistance to unspecified units of the Colombian army.
Meawhile, the excellent Colombia Reports indicates that 67 members have been convicted of so-called 'false positive' killings - murdered civilians and dressing them up to look like guerrillas. The BBC has also picked up on the story, noting that there has been a number of arrests.

It's pleasing to see proceedings being brought against these criminals, although I fear that it's quite easy to start this many trials because there are simply so many perpetrators out there. One of them, for example, has apparently admitted to killing over 150 people. Never fear, though, Uribe wants to ensure that they all get a fair trial.

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