Friday, 22 May 2009

Peru News

Contrasting news snippets from Peru today.

First there's a statement from human rights organisation Paz y Esperanza which should send chills down the spine of anyone who knows about Shining Path's heyday in Ayacucho.

The Asociación Paz y Esperanza Ayacucho (Peace & Hope Association Ayacucho), having become aware of the detonation of explosives in the city and the appearance of red flags in the early hours of Tuesday 19 May, and other similar acts which have occurred in various rural areas of the region, would like to state the following:

First: We energetically condemn acts which may affect the social peace of the Ayacuchan population, equally we reject all acts which violate human rights in the VRAE and other highland regions; which do no more than sow terror and fear in the population, reminding people of the 1980s and 1990s when shots and explosions were the stuff of everyday life. We condemn all crimes against humanity which contributed to aggravating the situation of violence in the country in the time of political violence.

Second: We call on the authorities of the public prosecutors' office, judiciary, Ministry of the Interior and others to act promptly and responsibly to identify and sanction those responsible for these acts. Moreover, we call on the population to reject and denounce the acts, raising voices of protest to promote our rights to security and peace.

Third: The efforts in favour of the struggle for reconciliation, peace and justice must not be prevented, there must be a contribution to the strengthening of a democratic country with full awareness of the state of law.
[trans. mine]
Explosives? Red flags?

On a slightly more positive note, a court in Miami has approved the extradition of a former second lieutenant of the Peruvian army, Telmo Hurtado, in conjunction with the 1985 Accomarca massacre, in which 89 people were killed.

Tras 24 años ex militar será enjuiciado por asesinato de Accomarca (La Republica)

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