Friday, 10 October 2008

Argentina: Videla in Jail

This just in: ex-de facto President Jorge Rafael Videla has been transferred from house arrest to an actual jail. Judge Norberto Oyarbide decided that the facility has adequate medical facilities to deal with any emergencies that might affect the 83 year old former dictator. Videla has already been tried for crimes during the dictatorship and is awaiting trial in a further 21 cases.

I think this is good news; I'm always pleased to see any step forward in the justice process. I notice that some of the commenters on the news piece below are dubious that this is a "real jail" - located, as it is, on a military base (where many people probably have residual sympathies towards the military regime). I take the point; but still, it's not home, is it?

Videla fue traslado a una carcel comun (Critica Digital)

Cheers Otto, for the tip!

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