Sunday, 12 October 2008

Cultural Sunday

"Ñawiykikunawan uyarimuway" So, it might look like a bit of a mouthful, but it means "Óyeme con los ojos" ("Listen to me with your eyes"), and it's the title of a photography exhibition in Cusco, Peru. All the photos on display were taken before the devastating earthquake of 1950 and photographers include the Cabrera brothers and Juan Manuel Figueroa Aznar. The glimpse of the images that you get from the article looks really beautiful.

Another photography exhibition takes place at the Winchester Gallery in the UK from 3 October to 7 November. Photographers including Korda, Susan Meiselas and Sebastião Salgado have work featuring in Persistence of Vision: Memory Trails through the Latin American Left. The blurb on artrabbit notes that:
As the dictatorships fell across the continent following the end of the Cold War, activists turned to photography to reclaim the memories of resistance and oppression that had been denied them so long. Relatives of the disappeared, including the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, used photographs of their missing loved ones in their many years of street demonstrations, on websites, and as practical tools to find the children of those who had been murdered who were often kidnapped by the military and raised ignorant of their fate.
Documentary film Bajo Juarez opened in Mexico this weekend and deals with the murder of women in Ciudad Juarez.

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