Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peru: Fujimori Update

Yes, guys, the Fujimori trial drags on, despite all the other news happening in Peru right now. The Council on Hemispheric Affairs draw parallels between Fujimori and current (AND former; his first term was 1985-1990) President Alan Garcia.
Analysts also note that, like Fujimori, Garcia has shown a proclivity for disregarding human rights. In fact, Garcia’s actions reveal sentiments on the matter more akin to annoyance, perhaps even contempt. As Garcia and Fujimori share a mutual interest in discouraging demands for accountability from Peru’s civil society and judicial branch (Garcia previously served a term as president, which was marred by allegations of extensive human rights abuses), one can hardly be surprised that Garcia recently has moved to stifle human rights organizations, while finding time to sponsor a rally in support of Fujimori...

Birds of a Feather? Fujimori's Trial Resumes, Garcia's Scandal Deflects Attention (COHA)
Alan García did not actively hail Fujimori’s extradition from Chile, as a positive trial outcome for Fujimori will advance Alan García’s own political interests. [...] Furthermore, according to the Washington Office on Latin America, “a Fujimori conviction on human rights charges could have serious implications for Alan García, since during his first administration widespread human rights violations occurred and there is fear that someday he could be called to account for them.”

The Legacy of Alberto Fujimori: Is Now a Chance for the Vindication for Human Rights? (COHA)

And - Prosecution Continues Presenting Evidence that Shows Military Squadron Colina's Affiliation with Peru's Armed Forces (Fujimori on Trial)

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