Monday, 27 October 2008

Peru: Interview with Ricardo Soberón Garrido

I’m afraid that far from resolving the problem, Plan VRAE is going to provoke greater problems and distrust in the region. In circumstances in which the remnants of the Peruvian Communist Party – Shining Path (PCP-SL) are a completely different entity than the entity we knew before, under the leadership of Abimael Guzmán (today in prison). It’s an entity very joined to economic activities, with capacity of territorial manipulation and control, and therefore strongly linked to the organized trafficking rings, who charge quotas on legal and illegal activities like hydrocarbons, forest industry and contraband. And it allows them to take the advantage of all of the shortcomings and omissions that the Peruvian State incurs at the moment of creating a presence in the VRAE.

Upside Down World interviews the Peruvian lawyer on topics covering the Shining Path, the 'war on drugs' and the presence of American troops in Ayacucho.

Militarization and the War on Drugs in Peru: Interview with Ricardo Soberón

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